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Next October Global Action Coalition with Reverend Temple Hayes will be bringing about 20 people to Nepal. This is a great time of year to travel there and we are planning an incredible trip. Our guide working with me will be Rupendra Karmacharya. Rupendra has been a partner with Global Action since the beginning. He has dedicated himself to helping the people of his country and is the most amazing human being. He has studied the Chepong people of the Chitwan mountains and written his thesis on this. His other studies was archaeology and he has worked at the site of the birth of Buddha in Lumbini. I have traveled several times into the mountains with Rupen and I consider myself lucky to have him as a partner and a friend.

On our travels we will go to a village resort to see great views of Mt. Everest, visit the various temples and historic sites of Kathmandu, ride elephants in the Chitwan Jungles and do a small retreat at an amazing spiritual center. Also we will be visiting several projects that Global Action Coalition has been supporting. We will go to Sabita’s school, Ramji’s Homeless Center and a small hike up to the village of Uperdang Gadi to see a village school. There at Gadi we will be entertained by the village children, see the historic fort and stay in the Cottages. These are just a few of the incredible experiences you will have and here are photos of the Stiles’s trip in Nepal to whet your appetite.

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