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Chandibhayang and Koule Schools

Chandibhayang and Koule Schools


In the 8 years GAC has been in existence we have worked with many schools in the mountains above the Terai or plains which include the Chitwan Jungle area. Two of the Principals of school systems hiked down from their villages with the head of their school support organizations to meet me for a lunch at the Jungle Safari Lodge where I was staying. This gave me an opportunity to ask them what were the challenges they faced. One of them has been benefitting from the Academy at the Lakes, a Sister School in Land of Lakes, Florida which has supported a lunch program for the elementary school there.

This program has been so successful that the Principal wanted to continue the program through the middle school and the plus 2 school, (high school). They also talked about the need to teach computer skills to the students. The problem they face is they have only solar power and they can only run a single laptop off that. I came up with an alternative plan. There is a company that makes a 9 station computer that works off one tower and each station consists of a monitor and keyboard. This low wattage system is ideal for this application and we are looking for sponsorship to fund this. Another issue is the challenge of students testing poorly. We are hiring a tutor to work in each school system that will be responsible for helping the more challenged students. Also we are planning an April 2017 program to teach the teachers new methods of learning. We are bringing in Dr. Cyndi Lilya who has been successful in Zambia to lead this workshop. Our ultimate aim is to create a learning center in Nepal. This will help the teachers and administrators in their quest to graduate more students that will go on to study at a university.

If you are interested in funding any of these please let us know:

  • Lunch programs
  • Tutor Program
  • Computing solar powered computer stations
  • Learning Center Program for April 2017

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