Micro Loan project

Excited to make clothes

Giving Thanks for Micro Loans

Our first Micro Loan program started in Djibouti and we decided to do mostly sewing machines with some women making crafts. The village of Douda outside Djibouti City was where we decided to work. There was a Community Council to administer the program. The women felt that with the extra income they could use it for food for lunches at the school and other important items. The money later on helped them get through the COVID shutdown and kept the community in food.

This was a matching program with funds raised by GAC matched by Mary Jane and Buck Jones. A big thank you to this caring couple I met at the Jazz Concert put on for Global Action Coalition by Kym Purling and many other local jazz musicians.

These were the first 20 women receiving the loans:

Hawa Aden Sougeh
Ibado Osman Barkad
Habiba Mahamoud Hassan
Ferouz Omar Barkad
Madina Ahmed Bale
Zahra Ali Robleh
Loula Ahmed Waberi
Chouri Omar Iltireh
Amina Mahamoud Ibrahim
Biliso Ali Akale
D doubat
Abon Soubaneh Mahamoud
Aicha Moussa Dirieh
Aicha ahmed Omar
Ibado Ismael Elmi
Geniya Ahmed Ali
Fozia Doualeh Areh
Foutouma Youssouf Osman
Habiba Aganeh Mohamed
Dahabo Awaleh Hersi