Fundraising Events

Art fundraiser for Nepal at Nuance Galleries

Over the many years, we have had many fantastic fundraising events.

Thanks to the jazz community of Tampa Bay we had three jazz concerts that raised money and awareness. Two musicians made that happen. The first concert was put on by famed jazz pianist and 3rd concerts were organized by famed pianist Kym Purling. The next year Mark Feinstein, drummer for the Jazz trio La Lucha and President of the Al Downing Jazz Society organized a concert again at the beautiful Palladium in downtown St. Petersburg.

The 3rd concert was focused on relief efforts for the people who had lost their homes due to the devastating earthquake. Paul Wilborn, the Executive Director of the Palladium was a great host and helped make it a success.

Thanks to all the musicians who donated their time and talents to this effort. We raised money for school lunch programs and sweaters for the children of Nepal and then helped build many temporary shelters. We also got a lot of support from the Indian community with a concert of traditional Indian music.