Mimoza Academy

Global Action Coalition has partnered with Mimoza Academy to provide free online education and training programs for girls and women in rural communities in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. In collaboration with local schools and community organizations in these countries, we are working to establish public libraries that are accessible to students, teachers, and members of the community. Our vision is to empower girls and women to pursue their dreams and goals for learning, to improve their lives, and to make a positive lasting impact on their families and communities through accessible and relevant education and learning resources. We believe that knowledge is power, and information is how you get it.

Please join us today and support our work in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. For more information about Mimoza Academy, please email Dr. Alex Akulli.

Global Action Coalition heads to Albania

Working with Dr. Alexander Akulli, GAC will start programs in this former communist country. Dr. Akulli’s story is one of incredible success, from growing up in rural Albania, where many never get the chance to go to college, to learn English, and his family’s help to get an education there. He parlayed that into a scholarship at Michigan State University. Alex is now running the International Education program welcoming international students to Furman University. He has always felt giving back and offering opportunities to others from his birth country is essential. He dedicates his work to his sister Mimoza who has passed away but never had the chance he did. 

Mimoza Academy is the GAC project aimed at helping through classes and libraries to make that difference. We are also working with the Ministry of Health to support and help rural clinics. I have included on this page one health clinic responsible for a vast community. There is much work to be done, and Global Action is excited to add this country to our international outreach.

If you want to be part of starting these rural libraries, please click the button above to donate to our gofundme fundraiser, and we will use your donation to buy books while in Tirana.