Nepal Hunger Project 2020

Giving in a beautiful way

Our partners in Nepal the Manavsewa Ashram sent us this letter and we responded, raising thousands of dollars to help their efforts. The following is the unedited letter we received.



Pandemic disease Covid 19 has effect the life of all of the people especially to the people who earn whole day and feed their families. Manavsewa has been daily feeding around 500 people on a daily basis who are suffering badly from covid-19.

Most of the stories of people are similar. They used to do labour work at construction sites and earn money for their living. Due to lockdown all the works are postponed so they are not getting work job anywhere and are not earning money to fulfill their basic needs. All of the saved money and foods have ran out they have no foods to eat. More than the pandemic disease they are worried about how to feed their hungry kids and themselves too. When we saw them along with their kids family suffering from food problem we have been cooking foods to them and serving them since the beginning of the lockdown.

Applying all the securities we have been continuously feeding around 500 among which about 200 peoples who used to work at different construction sites. Nowadays they are less worried and are taking care of their families. It’s really amazing how the life of people have changed so far. Everyone is at their home being secured but those who are not able to earn money and feed their families are going through the worst condition. Among them some of them returned to their village walking away carrying their kids at back. We just hope that they safely reached their home at village.

This is another heart felling story of peoples whose beloved ones were admitted at hospitals and they don’t have any place to go nor any relatives or friends. Hospital has discharged all other patients and are taking only the emergency cases.In this situation they are compelled to live at public places. They also lack money and foods. We have been feeding around 150 peoples who have become helpless at hospitals.

Many students are also going through the same problem at Kathmandu where they lack foods and have ran out of money. Family is not able to send them money due to lockdown around 50 students who were taking higher studies at Kathmandu from village we have been able to provide them 2 times meal. They are literally happy and in serving them we are also happy.

Similarly, around 100 peoples who have no homes who were living the street life we have been able to rescue them from the street to 40 peoples during the on month of lockdown and others we have been feeding them at the street. After lockdown will end we will rescue them also from street and provide shelter.

Along with the people many animals are also suffering. They are also struggling for their da y to day living due to lockdown. Many monkeys that used to be twirling from one trees to another trees at temples and monasteries having the foods people use to donate. But now they are also not getting any foods to eat so they have been roaming to the houses of people in search of foods. Similarly, street dogs and cows are also suffering from the scarcity of foods. They have become helpless. We are making them available of foods and water.

It is really very miserable condition at the developing countries like Nepal where most of the population are working for just feeding.

Hundreds of peoples are going through worst situation although we cannot help everyone but let’s try to help the peoples that are around us who are waiting for our help.

So, these are the activities that we have been doing since lockdown occurred. We just pray that may all people be safe everywhere. Thank you!