Scholarship Program

One group of children on scholarship

Hurdles to Learning

The challenges of education in the mountains of Nepal are many. First, in order to entice students to attend, food is a must. Because the government does not feel that education is their responsibility, teachers need to be hired. As students naturally progress, additional schools must be built to accommodate each new grade.

On to High School

Finally, we had students that wanted to go to high school. Some were able to attend Chandi High school as the distance for them was not to great. For others the walk was 2 to 4 hours each way.

We were able to locate a high school that would take in these students, and house and feed them during the week. They could walk home for the weekends. This required a scholarship program and soon we had students attending high school. This was exciting! After a few years we were even able to support a couple of girls in attending college.

Another scholarship group