Bringing the love from the US to Nepal

At Uperdang Gadi village

Hemu Adhikari with the support of Rupendra Karmacharya partnered with YoganiYoga Center to bring groups to Nepal. From 2011 through 2014, Three groups from Tampa, Florida, traveled there. They visited Annapurna, the 3rd highest mountain globally, and we work in the mountain villages. The Group trekked from Hugdi, about 50km southwest of Kathmandu, and hiking to Sauraha, Chitwan, staying with local villagers during the three-day hikes.

On their visits to those villages, they carried educational materials and handed them out to the school children. They also donated $200.00 as part of the cost of the travel. This money was also given to the villages to run lunch programs and other projects needed. The support from these trips helped us run several programs, and the love shared from the visitors left behind was a fantastic show of how America cares about the world.

We have to thank Annie Okerlin, the former owner of the Yoga Studio, was the group organizer and now spends much of her time helping wounded warriors who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.