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The High School children at Chandi


The Global Action Coalition is an independent, non-partisan organization comprised of an unparalleled group of internationally recognized leaders from the worlds of diplomacy, military and intelligence services, non-profit organizations, international business, and academia. This group is dedicated to identifying areas of the world facing crises and providing solutions through strategic planning, actionable analysis, and direct action to end poverty and promote world peace.

Our Core Values — What We Stand For

1. Security – The foundation of prosperity is security. No humanitarian project can succeed where society struggles to provide the most basic protections to its people. Any effort by the Global Action Coalition makes security the initial focus.

2. Stability – Using our leadership team’s knowledge and experience, we identify ways our efforts can help transform some regions experiencing conflict, natural disaster, and other insecurity issues into a stable situation where the subsequent efforts to promote sustainability and prosperity succeed.

3. Sustainability – The fruits of the work must continue to benefit the local community after the initial project is complete. The planned solutions and subsequent efforts of the Global Action Coalition will always focus on long-term, generational effects.

4. Prosperity – The ultimate goal of any relief effort/project is to give people the tools to prosper and share that prosperity with their communities. Through prosperity, we can bridge gaps between peoples and promote peace.

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Micro loans For Nepali women

microloans for nepali women gac

Directly help women and families in Nepal with small-dollar loans.

Mimoza Academy


Help empower girls and women to pursue their dreams and goals.

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Global Action

Signing our MOU in Bharse

Help G.A.C continue its mission to promote world peace through action.

The Future of Global Action

Our “Think Tank” will create this first of a kind institute that focuses not only on historical and geopolitical analysis but on implementing “Actionable Analysis,” a concept that does not yet exist in other similar organizations.

When we started Global Action in 2009 we knew we wanted to make a difference in faraway Nepal.

We had some ideas but knew we had a lot to learn. Since then we have helped thousands and become experts in 3rd world education issues.

In the past 100% of all money raised went to projects and we were proud of the impact that they created. Now we are looking to actually have some staff realizing that if we stay lean and loving we can do so much more.

As we embark on this next step in our journey working for world peace through action I ask you to continue to support us. It is you that with your donations who are the real heroes.

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