Antyodaya School Project

When founder Hemu Adhikari found out his previous Principal from high school had taken on the Antyodaya School in the Chitwan area, the thought that GAC could provide assistance was instant.

This school was established as a private high school and provides a safe place for orphan students and students from the surrounding mountain villages and area, and they needed help to keep the programs running. We were heading to Nepal for other projects at the time, so we made a stop to visit and were impressed with the students and the school. It was spring break so the school was mostly quiet and the students living there were ones that had no place else to go. It felt like a very happy place. One boy I met while there had graduated and was working at the school for room and board while he was attending a nearby University.

The dedication of the Principal was evident, and we knew we had to help him. He would travel up into the villages to find orphan boys and girls and welcome them to his school, but he had lost a funder when a five year grant ran out. He asked us to help bridge the gap until his other funding came through and we were able to provide help to the school for two years.